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Phenomenal Potluck Party Presentations

posted Aug 10, 2011, 2:04 PM by Hi-Desert Rockhounds

Pictures, Potluck, It was the capitol 'P' in pictures that started it. Let me explain, I knew that something had to be written about our Potluck Parties, I had a Purpose and Pictures. It was that string of P's that Popped into Play. Normally I wouldn't type such foolishness but the Projecting P's were just too Prominent, even to the Point of being Preeminently Predominant. So, Please forgive me and try not to be Peevish while I get this Perplexing Preoccupation of 'P' Pandemonium out of my system.

Our Phenomenal Potluck Party Presentations & Pleasant Picnic Pastime Proceedings have Properly Passed and Positively Petered-out for this year. Each was Performed Perfectly and Produced Plentiful if not Profuse Pleasure without even one Pertinacious Prank. 

Done, thank you. I think we all enjoyed each and every one of our events. eeee. What could be more fun than food, friends and rocks. As always, John Greenfield's home is a delight to view and a good location to gather. Next was Dave Kendall's and Jack Kennedy's home in Joshua Tree. Did you look at all the art work displayed everywhere? Fantastic, this spotlights one of the best rewards for going to our Hi-Desert Rockhounds gatherings. Sharing, seeing each others treasures. That brings us to our last of the summer assemblies, Hugh & Joyce's home in Yucca Valley. Did I overhear someone say that thirty-five rockhounds attended this festival of food, friends and fine rocks of all types. I'm sure everyone went away happy and thats what it's all about. This should inspire you out there to volunteer to have one of these at your home next year. It's easy to do and a whole lot of fun. So, how about a round of thank you's said to everyone involved. Thank you for hosting one of these, and thank you for your hospitality toward us all. Thank you for bringing what ever dish of wonderful food you did to share with us. And thank you for attending, that's what makes these so special, a great gathering of Rockhounds.

Did you notice, not one word in the last paragraph above started with 'P'. Here are some photos or pictures of the last potluck. See you all at our next general club meeting on September 7th at 7 p.m. and happy trails until we meet again.