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October 2010 Calico Mountains Field Trip

posted Oct 22, 2010, 12:24 PM by Hi-Desert Rockhounds
Another beautiful Tuesday in October and the Hi-Desert Rockhounds are off to the Calico Mountains in search of colorful material of many types. Our first stop is a new location for most of us and one that I'm sure we all plan to return to. The red, tan and yellow Wonderstone was everywhere as well as Jasper, Agate and Silver lace onyx. I won't give its location away on the web but the spot is now known by all that went. The Sagenite wasn't as easy to find this time. As always the roads are rough and this isn't an area for city cars. The roads branching off Mule Canyon are eroding with every thunderstorm.

One disturbing note, there may be more metal in the way of copper or brass in them hills today than a hundred years ago. The amount of spent cartridge cases left by gun enthusiasts is amazing. We found hundreds of shotgun shells, Burnt TVs, a shopping cart, manikin heads, spray-paint cans and all sorts of things with bullet holes in them.

We eventually filled our collecting bags, had enough of the breezeless Calico Mountain canyon heat and turned for home. All of us Hi-Desert Rockhounds had a rewarding and satisfying collecting trip. You should come along next time.