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Gem Show Oct.3-7,2012

posted Nov 4, 2012, 4:40 PM by Hi-Desert Rockhounds

Hi-Desert Rockhounds co-sponsor Gem Show

The 37th Annual Gem and Mineral Show was well organized this year, there were more vendors than ever including the inside section of the Sportsman's Club and the same good food was served at the same inexpensive price. So, where were all the people?

Attendance for the show shows seemed spotty and more than one vendor was hurting for sales.

“I’ve only made a couple of hundred dollars,” said rock- hound Hugh Matthews on Saturday. “It’s been slow all week.”

The show started well, a record crowd turned out for the opening day, (Wednesday, Oct. 3) before the afternoon wind drove them away and made life difficult for the outdoor vendors. “I had to repair some tarps from the wind storm Thursday morning,” said Bob Fitzpatrick of Earth Gems and Minerals who has been a vendor in the show for 15 years. He uses large tarps to create his tented double sized booth where he sells a wide variety of jewelry making materials and finished jewelry products. “We’ve had this problem before with the wind, its not unusual when you do outdoor shows.”

The Hi-Desert Rockhounds of the Morongo Basin were co-sponsors of the event for the first time, lending man power and expertise to the Sportsman's Club personnel. We provided a double sized booth full of educational materials, minerals for sale and literature about our organization. “It’s important to the community to keep the rock show going,” said rockhound Vice President Roger Thompson. The show provides entertainment to the public, a convenient source of jewelry and craft making supplies for our large art community and an educational component for local children by offering a great field trip opportunity.

One group of children came to the show from King’s School in Palm Springs on Thursday. Their teacher assigned the children a rock and mineral scavenger hunt. Each child had a list of rocks and minerals to identify at the show.


Judy Thompson is seen here teaching one of the half dozen Webelos Boy Scouts the five requirement for their Webelos Activity Badge.

It was a lot of hard work pulling this all together. Judy & I had been working hard on the show for months and still felt overwhelmed during the show. We would like to thank all the people who helped us have a very successful 37th Annual Gem, Mineral and Craft Show in Joshua Tree. Thank You Hi-Desert Rockhounds.

Roger & Judy Thompson