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Field Trip to Ocotillo Wells December 11, 2010

posted Dec 16, 2010, 9:08 AM by Hi-Desert Rockhounds
What a beautiful day it was!  Very nearly perfect weather!

     There were only 10 of us on this trip, in four 4-wheel drive vehicles. The 4X4 vehicles are necessary for this area as it is ancient sea bottom, and quite sandy.  Because it is sea bottom, there are marine fossils present, which, because it is a State Park (instead of “Public Land”), we are not allowed to collect. However, we ARE allowed to collect small amounts of petrified wood per person, and what petrified wood is found there is very unique. There are also gypsum, and calcite, and very wild and interesting sandstone concretions to be had,

     All the while, we were enjoying the beautiful scenery. Salton Sea is visible from the hills where we were and the air was so clear we could see for miles.

     We were all tired by about 2:00 PM, so we headed for the Travertine Grill for some very welcome refreshments. 

      Sorry for those who missed THIS trip!

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Barbara Catlin