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Calico and Yermo Trip Report November 27, 2012

posted Dec 7, 2012, 1:48 PM by Hi-Desert Rockhounds

Yermo Trip Report  11-27-12

Due to high winds, our original trip to the Calico Mountains was changed from 11-10-12 and rescheduled for 11-27-12.  Roger Thompson was leading the trip, so Darlene led the Palm Springs Shadow Mountain G&M Society group up to Yucca Valley, to meet up with Roger & Judy, and Leslie Poland of our Hi-Desert Rockhounds. 

So off went our colorful convoy of five vehicles, tan, blue, red, yellow and white, north on the 247 to Barstow, then east on the I-15.  We exited at the Ghost Town exit to stop at Jack in the Box's for coffee, sodas and food.  And of course every rockhound knows you never pass up a flush toilet before embarking on your hunt!  Our convey of vehicles then proceeded to our first stop exiting at Minneola Road.  We followed the power lines to the nearest "hills".  We had a group of eleven.  Roger, Judy, Leslie, Darlene, Marge, Mac, Margo, Rosemary, Fred, Stephanie & Mike.  Upon getting out of our vehicles, Darlene found a chalcedony rose.  We decided to visit this area for about two hours, as there was  a lot of jasper and agate to be found.  We were also on the hunt for the petrified palm reportedly to be found in this area, but we all came up empty handed, although, there was a lot of material picked up that "may have been."

We decided to check another area in the Gem Trails of Southern California book.  We were going to investigate Site D, a little North and West of the Calico Early Man Site.  This area reportedly has petrified palm,  jasper, chert and agate.  Rosemary found a piece of the elusive petrified palm here!!  On our drive out, as we rounded a curve in the BLM dirt route, we came apron a CHP cruiser blocking the trail. The patrolman was out looking for someone with an M-16 rifle slung over his shoulder. He wasn't looking for rockhounds, so on our way we went. 

On to the next stop.  We went up to the area where the dirt bikes love to go, just off Mule Canyon Road.  Since it was a weekday, we had the area pretty much to ourselves.  We all found some beautiful rhyolite in this area.  Our original BLM administered public lands spot where we find the rhyolite and wonderstone is being mistakenly "claimed" as private property and rockhounds have been threatened off from this area by the rude workers of the Pan American Silver Corp. The BLM has been advised of this and they are looking into the matter.  In the meantime, for the safety of all, and while the investigation is on going, we are avoiding this area west of the Calico Ghost Town and north of the Yermo Cutoff. 

We decided to stop at Peggy Sue's Diner for ice cream and/or an early dinner.  If you've never been to Peggy Sue's before, I highly recommend it.  It is decorated with 50's memorabilia from Hollywood.  I took a lot of photos, but the flash wan't working, Anyway Margo was dancing with the Blue's Brothers, Darlene was trying to climb into Elvis' arms.  Everyone had a swell time.  We said goodbye to all our friends and headed home.  We enjoyed a beautiful sunset on the way home.

Submitted by Judy Thompson